Mafe is our Marketing Coordinator. She is also the storyteller of Enchanted Celebrations since she is in charge of describing each detail of our favorite weddings so future couples can feel inspired by her writing. By having a particular eye for the details, Mafe is responsible for identifying and highlighting the unique moments of each wedding, making our clients able to relive their magical day through our stories. Also, she will be there to select the best moments of each wedding, ensuring everyone feels the love and happiness our couples felt on their incredible day.

She is known for her great taste and incredible sense of creativity, and that’s why Mafe is also in charge of our social media platforms, as well as the beauty of our website. Mafe always goes above and beyond for every couple, always aiming to pick the perfect photos so their incredible love is fully represented by showing off what our fantastic team of photographers and videographers is capable of.

Mafe has a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and multiple certifications in Marketing. She joined our Enchanted Celebrations family a year ago, and she’s passionate about what she does every day to make every couple happy and proud of their wedding photos and videos. Mafe lives in Spain with her boyfriend and, as hobbies, she enjoys learning new things, going to the beach, practicing CrossFit, and being in the company of her family and friends.