Almost as important as what you’d like played at your wedding is the black list of songs that simply won’t do. NJ Wedding DJs are more aware than most that the balance of a good party rests on their shoulders.Some couples don’t think much about these songs, but as your wedding approaches we suggest all grooms and brides mull this over. We’ve come up with a couple of scenarios that you may not have even thought about! Wedding DJs in NJ know the only appropriate tears at receptions are happy ones, hopefully this will give you something to think about before you meet with your DJ!
Nothing can ruin the mood quicker than a song you may have shared with an ex. Make sure to nix those tracks and consider divorced parties at the event. If your parents aren’t together hearing their song may be particularly painful. We don’t suggest you polling your entire guest list, but be aware that some songs may not work for your wedding!
Another terrible moment is when a memorial song for a family member is played without knowledge or prompting. Make sure to consider any songs that may have been special to a family member who’s no longer with us and inform your DJ accordingly. If you wish to have a mention of them in the reception make sure it’s planned and not an unintended song choice. If a couple of songs come to mind, make sure to let your NJ wedding DJs know upon meeting.