NJ wedding DJs know that some of the most interesting couples are the ones that are so polar opposite their being together is so right. One of the more memorable receptions is between two people from completely different sides of the spectrum. The groom was a drummer from a metal band who loved classic rock and his huge pit bull. The bride loved pop music, shopping and her fluffy Pomeranian. Together they shared their special day with their baby daughter, two sets of divorced parents, and a melange of co-workers, old friends, and band mates.
These are the type of challenges that could result in weeks of bickering and compromising over songs. With the help of a professional DJ they were able to blend new favorite songs that spoke to both of them as a couple. During the father-daughter dance two songs were intertwined so both stepfather and father were able to share their own half songs, with the DJ cuing so the bride’s mind was at ease. The groom danced with his mother to a song that start soft and ended with all the guests on the dance floor. With such a diverse audience the DJ endlessly played songs that somehow inspired guests from all walks of life to join together dancing. That’s the goal for all wedding DJs in NJ, but only are able to mix music in a way that truly achieves diversity and unity.