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Sandy Smiles and Seashells

Our wedding photographers in Toms River will promise you, The Grand at 1600 provides the perfect backdrop for taking the grandest wedding photos! Check out Allison and Chris’ June wedding photos if you aren’t convinced. First, these lovebirds took some beautiful shots posing down on the sand. You can see the waves gently rolling behind them as Allison and Chris smile sweetly in the foreground.  Also, Allison’s pastel yellow and pink bouquet looks just perfect in the sunlight! They couldn’t have asked for a nicer wedding day than that!

Don’t forget to take a look at some of the other awesome details our wedding photographers in Toms River took at Allison and Chris’ wedding. From the best man’s hilarious “ring security” briefcase to their seashell decorated three-tier wedding cake (so cute but so tasty!), there is so much to love about their gorgeous wedding pics! But there’s another Grand at 1600 wedding you just have to see!

Staying Lush with the Lombardos

Take a long look at Corrina and Vincent’s lovely wedding photos at The Grand at 1600! Their lush green shrubs and ornate white gazebo provided the perfect backdrop for Corrina and Vincent’s perfect portraits. Corrina looked breathtaking in her ivory white dress. Meanwhile, Vincent looked dashing in his charcoal suit and pale pink tie. It matched Corrina’s mixed bouquet perfectly! Our wedding photographers in Toms River couldn’t take enough photos of them! Above all, you can tell by the way they look at each other just how much they love each other. They’re so adorable!

Later, our wedding photographers in Toms River took some candid shots of Corrina and Vincent’s romantic first dance. Deep pink lights illuminated their smiles as they swayed back and forth together to their favorite song. At the end of their dance, Corrina stole the sweetest kiss and thankfully our photographers caught a quick pic! These lovebirds certainly had the time of their life. Ultimately, The Grand at 1600 gave them everything they needed to take the grandest wedding photos imaginable! Be sure to contact us if you want to learn more about what our wedding photographers in Toms River can do and other wedding venues such as The Atlantis Ballroom and The Versailles Ballroom too!