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Falling In Love With Versailles Ballroom

Our wedding photographers in Toms River can’t wait to capture Margaret and Joe’s wedding at The Versailles Ballroom this fall! However, be sure to check out their amazing engagement photos! They began their adorable shoot sitting (and stealing kisses) on a rustic bench right in front of the shore. Joe was dressed in a black and green plaid button down while his bride to be had an oversize white sweater on. They looked  so cute and cozy together! We can’t wait to see what they wear on their big day!

Later, Margaret and Joe made their way up to the sandy dunes and started to dance below the beautiful blue sky! They swayed gently in the beach breeze in a moment that we wouldn’t mind lasted forever. Their smiles warmed each other up as the sun shined down on them (and that gorgeous ring!). Overall, our wedding photographers in Toms River are more than ready to take advantage of all the photo ops that The Versailles Ballroom will provide them in the Fall. With that said, are you falling in love yet?

Space Invaders, Superman, and Smiles

Another wedding that our wedding photographers in Toms River can’t wait to capture is Colleen and Brian’s big day at The Atlantis Ballroom. These cuties took their engagement photos on the boardwalk! Colleen looked lovely in a white dress (how fitting!) while Brian looked handsome in a matching white button down and dark blue jeans. They made their way onto the sand where they posed in front of an actual palm tree! With that in mind, their portraits are definitely honeymoon ready! Our photographers hope to send them off with gorgeous wedding pics later this summer.

Colleen and Brian eventually made their way into an arcade which provided some awesome photo ops! They snapped some fun photos while having a blast (pun intended!) playing Space Invaders. We’re not sure who won, but we’re sure our wedding photographers in Toms River are the real winners! They get to capture this adorable couple’s wedding photos remember? In the end, Colleen and Brian are definitely ready to zoom forward like Super Man and get hitched this Summer at The Atlantis Ballroom! If you’re ready to tie the knot too, be sure to contact us and check out everywhere else our wedding photographers in Toms River love to shoot at.