Wedding Photography Pricing in NJ

wedding photography pricing in NJ

Today’s Moments, Tomorrow’s Memories

Have you ever looked closely at an old photograph and felt like you were re-living that moment in time again? Can you hear the sounds, picture the sights and feel your emotions? This incredible way of helping us remember a time so vividly, a pause button on your beautiful life, we have photography to thank. Specifically, wedding photography compiles each moment of your special day into a story-like masterpiece. Page after page, the memories come flooding back to you from the morning preparations to the final dance song. When it comes to wedding photography pricing in NJ, our innovative team at Enchanted Celebrations understands the sentimental value that a single photograph holds. That’s why we offer customizable photography packages that fit your budget and vision.

As you are deciding on booking a wedding photographer, remember that the person looking through the lens is capturing not just what your day looks like, but what it feels like.  

Timeless Treasures

It’s your wedding fairy tale…we are just here to make sure the photos that fill up your album will be cherished for generations to come.

Picture this: Fast forward to ten years after your wedding date. To celebrate, you and the love of your life are set for a night out while the kids stay home. Your husband made reservations at an amazing Italian restaurant downtown, the place he took you to on your first date. You both order the same meal and your favorite champagne as you did back then, and it tastes just like you remembered it should. Throughout your date, you are having so much fun re-telling funny wedding day stories. You’re both laughing and remembering the butterflies you felt in your stomach, still there today.

When it’s time to call it a night, you hug the kids tight and get ready to tuck them into bed. All of a sudden, your husband runs up the stairs with your wedding album in his hands. You’re compelled to stay awake a little longer, showing your kids the storybook of the photos of you and their dad. They comment on how beautiful you looked with your makeup done in your gown. You pause and focus on a picture of you and your husband sitting at your sweetheart table. That same champagne you enjoyed at dinner earlier was right there on your wedding night. All it takes is one photograph to pinpoint an unforgettable memory.

When you think about it, many details of your wedding day are left in the past. Your wedding cake? Gone. That lipstick shade you paired perfectly to match your bouquet? Lost. The same exact champagne brand from that night? Okay…maybe you will get to experience that again! However, the photos that you have to share with your loved ones are inevitably timeless treasures. 

View Our Helpful Resources

Now that we have you heading down memory lane, we hope that you’ll check out our helpful resources for all things photography, cost factors, packages, and more!  The best wedding photography pricing in NJ brings you a photographer whose main priority is to capture every raw emotion and tiniest details. If you need a little more convincing on whether or not to book a wedding photographer, these posts will act as your ultimate guide. Let us assure you that a wedding is not even close to the same without professional photographs that narrate your love story.

Together, let’s embrace the extraordinary details of your every wedding memory!

wedding photography pricing in NJ