By: Alex Karas, Executive Director


            According to the American Wedding Study (2006) a bride on average will make 177 decisions related to her wedding and spend about 3 hours per day planning her wedding. Wow, that’s a lot of time considering she is also in school full time or working full time too! Since today’s bride is a multifaceted woman with academic and family responsibilities it is no wonder why brides are stressed out. As if that wasn’t enough already they now have to sit down and interview 3-5 DJs, Photographers, Videographers, Wedding Ministers and other vendors. For that reason a trend in New Jersey wedding planning is to use all-inclusive companies that offer a variety of services. All-inclusive companies can cut out a tremendous amount of stress. You meet one skilled wedding planner and you fill 3, 4, or maybe even 5 vendors for your wedding. Below are a few quick benefits of using an all-inclusive company:


  1. Hassle free, one stop shop for all services
  2. One contact person overseeing all operations
  3. Cooperation between all professionals
  4. Photo/Video staff works alongside DJ, they know your songs before you do.
  5. All services performed are “in house.” 
  6. All professionals are specialized in weddings
  7. Professionals understand each other’s responsibility and keep the customer’s best interest in mind.
  8. Value of booking with one company, less overhead you pay, saves you money
  9. Payments made easy, write one check for all professionals         
  10.  When booking a full package customers receive many extras that normally would be a la carte price increases with separate vendors

As discussed, using an all-inclusive wedding company as opposed to individual vendors just makes sense. Of course when booking any wedding professional, it is paramount that customers do not only search for quality and price but also the level of customer service that they will receive. The wedding may only last one day but most customers are booking 12-16 months in advance and you need a company to answer those 9PM Sunday planning phone calls promptly and effectively.


About the Author:

Alex Karas is a full-time wedding industry entrepreneur in Manahawkin, NJ. He is the owner/operator of a wedding services company, Enchanted Celebrations. To learn more about wedding planning and tips you can visit his website at or contact him directly at