Possibly one of the most challenging areas of being a wedding videographer is not having full “studio” control of outside elements that greatly affect the quality of the overall project is the lack of light in churches and reception halls. Even with the newest technology it is just about impossible to capture the bride and groom’s very special day in low light situations. For the New Jersey wedding industry this is a double-edged sword; in the good hand it separates the professionals from and masses but conversely, many couples get ‘burned’ when they see the end product and it looks horrible. Therefore, if you are a wedding videographer below are a few simple tips that you can follow to produce a better quality product:          


1. Always try to keep the lens as wide as possible; this will let in more available light.

2. Use the “Gain Control” on your camera, but be aware of image “noise”, or “grain”, and “Color Desaturation” (washed out), so be mindful of your Gain settings.

3. Use manual focus, auto focus will often search, or hunt the focus in and out if there isn’t enough available light.


Always remember, if it looks great in the viewfinder or LCD, It’s going to look great on tape!