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Unforgettable Receptions

Want to create an unforgettable wedding reception? Make an entrance, eat, drink, and be married while our professional wedding DJs transform your reception into an all-out party where you are in the center of it all. If you are anything like our NJ wedding DJs, you have had nightmares about the chicken dance being played at your wedding. We understand that you want your guests to be entertained and have a great time, but in a fun, upbeat, and professional manner.

Service with Compassion

At Enchanted Celebrations, we respect and take the time to create a partnership to set the right stage for our couple’s wedding receptions. Our professional wedding DJs routinely go beyond reasonable means to provide the highest level of service with compassion.

For example, last February, we drove out to a prospective client’s home to meet them and teach them more about our DJ services. During the meeting, a song came on in the background and the bride commented that it was the same song that came on when the groom proposed to her on New Year’s Eve. Our consultant made a quick note and the meeting continued. A few days later, the couple decided to go with us for their entertainment.

When their October wedding day came eight months later, the DJ had noticed that they did not request that special song; they had forgotten all about it. After the last toast, the DJ asked all of the guests to raise a glass and a piece of silverware so the couple would kiss. Just as the couple kissed, the DJ played that special song and the emotions overtook them! They both began to tear up. Afterwards, they told us it was by far one of the most memorable moments of the day that had seemed to fly by so fast.

It’s this kind of personalized attention that serves as our foundation for our service with compassion platform. At Enchanted Celebrations, extraordinary stories like these are not the exception but are the standard for our professionals.

As you begin your online research into finding the wedding DJ that is right for you, be sure to visit our, “Meet Our DJs” page to explore a full biography of each of our talented entertainers. You will be surprised to see a select, well-rounded cast of professionals coming with years of experience in wedding entertainment.

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Guest Interaction & Music Selection

Escape from the ordinary, the typical, and the commonplace and let’s focus on the small touches that make certain wedding receptions special and stand apart from the rest. When you choose Enchanted Celebrations as your wedding entertainment, you are choosing a collection of professionals that have made the commitment to be your planning partner in selecting the perfect blend of guest interaction and music selection.

Successfully completing hundreds of wedding receptions annually, we understand that what may be suitable for one group, may not be suitable for another. Let’s work together to find the balance of guest interaction and music selection that will keep the dance floor packed with all age groups.

Distinctive Packages   

We offer three distinct wedding entertainment packages: Celebration, Celebration Plus, and Celebration Deluxe. While each package can be tailored to suit each couple’s individual needs, a few amenities are shared among them all:

  • 5 Hours of Continuous Music
  • 2 Entertainers (1 DJ & 1 MC)
  • Our Online Planning System
  • A Party Light Show
  • Full-Time Staff Dedicated to Planning 

Don’t forget that all of our packages begin with a free, no obligation, in-home consultation. We meet with couples in the comfort of their home, 7 days a week, from 9 AM to 9 PM.

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Have you ever just wanted to let loose and be in the spotlight? Have all eyes on you as you strut your stuff and live in the moment, even if it was just for one night? At Enchanted Celebrations, we understand that desire for one night of complete bliss where the lights hit the dance floor, the music starts, and you get to #ownthenight.

#ownthenight is all about you and your time on the dance floor. We want you to feel like the rockstar that you are and embrace the spotlight, after all, it is your special night! Check out our #ownthenight media here.

Wedding DJ Planning Resources

So many songs, so many options! Where to begin? We welcome all couples to check out the resources below to help guide you through the planning process. Don’t worry, once you become an Enchanted Celebrations client, you will have access to an entire website dedicated to planning as well as an experienced, dedicated planner who is a senior staff member with our company. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our Wedding Planning Mezzanine where you can download any of our wedding planning resources for FREE! Below are some of our favorite DJ planning resources.