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Home Sweet Home

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, there is truly no place like home! We get it, this year has thrown countless curveballs our way. With local and state rules changing all the time, planning a wedding has become increasingly difficult, let alone picking a day and venue. However, there’s no place like home right? Perhaps your dream wedding venue has been in your backyard the entire time! Not convinced? We got you! Peep some of our favorite backyard wedding photos and see what our crafty couples are capable of creating in the comfort of their backyards (say that three times fast!).


Home is Where You Hang Your Cowboy Hat

First, let’s take a look at Brittany and Ronald’s cozy wedding at their rustic residence! Being able to tie the knot at home can make your wedding even more personal; not only are your marrying someone who is important to you, but you are getting married in a location that is important to you too. With that said, our photographers captured Brittany and Ronald in their natural habitat, surrounded by loved ones and memories. However, their house was definitely decorated differently! Peep those quaint cowboy hats hanging on the wall that read “bride” and “groom.” Their personal touches in addition to the breathtaking floral arrangements, made their backyard wedding photos truly spectacular. While you’re at it, you should check out their video too!

Family Matters

Having your wedding at home also allows for some adorable additions (cute kids incoming!) Take a look at Emily and Travis’s summer wedding! Their backyard wedding photos features the cutest flower girl you’ll ever seen as well as the most serious (and awwww-inducing) ring bearers. Surrounded by their family at home, Emily and Travis were nothing but smiles all night. See for yourself in their wedding video!

For more family wedding fun, check out Brittany and Anthony’s backyard wedding photos. To spice up their wedding reception, they hung a glamorous purple sequin backdrop for portraits; it was a hit! If you don’t believe us, check out the smile on that handsome little man in all of their photos. We just can’t handle all this cuteness!

In Home-y Matrimony 

Don’t forget about the puppies! For cuteness overload, check out Alyssa and L.J.’s backyard wedding photos in Pennsylvania. Our Photographers snapped some cute captures of their adorable dogs. Peep that one pic with the pink flower collar (so elegant!). Their puppies even sat and watched as Alyssa and L.J. exchanged their vows underneath the tented ceremony space. For more puppy love check out Jennifer and Forrest’s backyard wedding photos too! They took adorable portraits with their tiny puppy (so cute and small!). Clearly, being able to have your furry friends attend your wedding is yet another perk of backyard weddings.

Next, let’s check out Abby and Sam’s backyard wedding photos! Our photographers were blown away with the flowers that filled the yard (in full September bloom!).  Their bridal party took some sophisticated portraits that look like they are straight out of a magazine! With that said, Abby and Sam were super photogenic; every photo came out perfectly! We can’t get enough of their photos and we’re sure you won’t be able to either.

Finally, let’s take a look at Kelsey and Eric’s fall wedding in Brigantine, NJ. The overcast day did wonders for their backyard wedding photos. We love those group portraits shots on the rocks! Their muted blue attire fit the ocean side environment perfectly. In fact, we can’t even tell that this wedding was hosted by a private residence! With beautiful weather, elegant attire, and plenty of people and champagne, you can make any backyard the wedding venue of your dreams.

Tie the Knot in a Tent!

Tying the knot in a tent is definitely the way to go these days. Just like we saw with Alyssa and L.J.’s wedding, a tent can be a perfect addition to your backyard wedding! First, let’s take a look at Mary and Raymond’s October wedding. These cute Colts and Eagles fans had their reception in a gorgeously lit tented area. The tables and decorations were all colored navy blue and green (of course!). String lights lined the tops of the tents as Mary and Raymond shared their first dance. We just love how their reception turned out!

Looking for more tented weddings? Peep Colleen and Ryan’s September wedding photos. They also had their reception in a terrific tented area! The white tent paired with the white linens (and Colleen’s dress of course!) popped against the dark green grass which matched her bouquet. Everything just looked so perfect together! In other words, our photographers had the time of their lives snapping this duo’s photos. Clearly, a tent can do wonders for your backyard wedding (all the while keeping folks safe and saving you money!).

Want To See More?

Of course you do!  If you’re looking for more backyard wedding inspo, check out our carefully curated Backyard Wedding Photos gallery below! We get it, throwing a backyard wedding was probably not your first choice (these are crazy times right?); however, rest assured that you can indeed have the wonderful wedding of your dreams from the comfort of your home. With that said, keep it locked on Enchanted Celebrations for plenty of  helpful wedding planning resources. Let us be your “home sweet home” as you plan your wedding. Contact us today!

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Backyard Wedding Photos

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