Lake Mohawk Country Club Wedding Photos and Videos

Lake Mohawk Country Club Wedding Photos

About Lake Mohawk Country Club

Located in Sparta, NJ, Lake Mohawk Country Club started off as just a plot of land and a dream. Now, 90 years later, the beautiful piece of land has become 2,500 acres of beauty. It is located in Northern New Jersey, about 50 miles from Manhattan. Not only is it a beautiful wedding venue, it has 3 lakes, almost 3,000 residents, 12 beaches, and a gorgeous boardwalk.  This country club offers a romantic and beachy feel to make every wedding perfect! There are so many gorgeous Lake Mohawk Country Club wedding photos that show off how breathtakingly beautiful this venue is. No wonder they call it New Jersey’s best kept secret!

Not only is the venue gorgeous, but the employees are wonderful as well in helping you with every step of planning for the big day. From picking a DJ, to picking a menu, to lodging arrangement this venue does not fall short. There are so many easy and awesome ways to personalize your wedding here. At Enchanted Celebrations, we look forward to adding to our Lake Mohawk Country Club wedding photos and videos portfolio every chance we get!

Dining options that will float your boat!

To kickoff the evening of delicious food, first comes cocktail hour! There will be a variety of delectable hours d’ oeuvres passed around as well as two bars. The reception will start off with a choice of two yummy salad options. Next, for the main course, there will be four options to choose from; one more delicious than the next! Since there is always room for dessert, guests will have options to choose from either table side or stations of freshly made desserts. Guests will enjoy a lovely and wide variety of cuisine as they overlook the gorgeous views of this venue. Lastly, there is also an open bar all night with a variety of delicious cocktails and crafts made by the fabulous bartenders.  

Lake breeze puts me at ease

To ease into the big day, the country club offers two options for you and your bridal party to get ready. The first option is the Tower Suite which gives you a 360 view of the gorgeous lake. The second option is The Den which is located right on the boardwalk. The Den has a variety of rooms, a bar, and beach access. The room also comes with a flat screen TV, X-Box, and Foosball table. Both rooms come with a private bathroom, food, and a bridal attendant. The food includes breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, and liquor. Bridal parties will enjoy the luxuries of the country club before the wedding even begins! Having a bridal suite is an essential part of your day so having two fabulous options makes this venue twice as amazing.

All you need is love. And the lake…

Now that it is time for the ceremony you will have 3 options to choose from. The first option is the elegant grand ballroom which is an indoor option. Guests will still be able to view the gorgeous water view through a Palladian window. The other two beautiful options are outdoor. The second option is a ceremony on the beach. Guests will be able to see the breathtaking views of the lake as you tie the knot. The third option is a ceremony on the boardwalk. Guests will be walking on the rustic boardwalk as they overlook the water. All three ceremony spots fit about 225 people. The lake truly makes each ceremony spot special and beautiful.

A Grand Evening in the Grand Ballroom

How grand! After the vows are said and its time to celebrate, the country club offers the beautiful Grand Ballroom as the perfect reception room. This luxurious ballroom holds up to 225 people for a night of fun. This ballroom caters to your personal aesthetic. Whether you are going for a luxurious style or a more laid back reception, this room is perfect for you. The sweetheart table faces out onto the water so you and your love can have a romantic view all evening.

One gorgeous fall wedding that was in this amazing ballroom was Tasha and Anthony’s celebration. Tasha began her day surrounded by her stunning bridesmaids in the Tower getting her hair and makeup done. Tasha and her bridesmaids all had adorable custom hangers to hold their beautiful pictures. Anthony’s groomsmen helped him put on his dashing tux. Gorgeous pictures were taken on the beautiful boardwalk with the glistening lake in the background. She and Anthony then tied the knot on the beautiful beach with perfect views. The ceremony was decorated with gorgeous fall colored flowers. After the ceremony, the newlyweds made their way to the beautifully decorated Grand Ballroom which was decorated to perfection. They then spent the rest of the night dancing, making memories, and enjoying the perfect views. As you can see, they had a perfect wedding at the Lake Mohawk Country Club!

Seas the day

There are four ways to do so at this country club! For additional charge, you can get a lake performance where a variety of national competitors do awesome tricks on the lake. You can also have fireworks light up the sky over the lake to end your perfect night. Enter or leave in style in a personal valet boat and truly experience all the gorgeous lake has to offer! Begin the day with relaxation with the variety of spa amenities that could be provided. You and your bridal party could enjoy some relaxing luxuries before an evening of fun. If having your wedding lakeside with fantastic views and food does not wow your guests, this variety of amenities will sure do the trick!

Want To See More?

Yes, you do! Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographers or NJ Wedding Videographers could not have captured any of these couple’s dream weddings without Lake Mohawk Country Club’s amazing staff. We cannot wait to return for many more occasions already planned for the future. Take a look below at some Lake Mohawk Country Club wedding photos and videos captured by us! 

Lake Mohawk Country Club Wedding Photos and Videos

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