Eileen and Sammer Wedding at Haven

Eileen and Sammer Wedding at Haven

Event Details:


Date: February 17, 2018

Names: Eileen & Sammer

Venue: Haven In Edgewater, NJ

Congratulations to the lovely couple Eileen and Sammer for tying the knot.  This memorable moment took place at the enchanting Haven in Edgewater, NJ. The couple was able to celebrate this special event surrounded by close family members and friends turning all their fantasies into reality.

While the dress laid hanging by the window, our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the hands of the bridal party in their matching floral robes helping Eileen start to prep for the big day. As prep continued, a few visits were made to the bride creating even more anticipation for the event. After stepping into the perfect gown, Eileen took one last glance in the mirror and set off to first looks with her son-to-be husband. When Sammer turned to face Eileen by the tap on his shoulder, our NJ Wedding photographer was able to catch the jaw dropping moment.

The couple then made their way into their decadent indoor ceremony to officially say their “I Do’s” and spend the rest of theirs lives loving and cherishing each other. By being surrounded by loved ones, our NJ Wedding Photographer was able to capture breath taking moments as an ongoing night of beautiful memories were being created.

Congratulations, again, and best wishes to Eileen and Sammer. This was truly a night to remember.