Marriage Equality Statement


Love is that fiery feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that fills your whole body with butterflies when you see that special someone. It is a unique and truly one of a kind sensation that everyone deserves to experience, and what better way to express that love than uniting you and the love of your life together through marriage.

At Enchanted Celebrations, we believe that marriage is the strongest bond between two people imaginable, regardless of gender,  orientation, race, religion or creed. Enchanted Celebrations has been in support of marriage equality for as long as the company has existed and has been honored to service LGBT couples year after year, with many more years to come.

Our staff embraces human rights practices and fosters diversity, unity and respect among all people to ensure that all our couples celebrate their weddings with the utmost reverence and precise execution possible.

Enchanted Celebrations has had the pleasure of helping numerous beautiful same sex weddings over the years. We have selected a few pictures from some of our favorite weddings to showcase.

Nicole and Amy


Ali and Stacy


Samantha and Vanessa


Adam and Alex

Check out their pictures here.


Kristen and Lesley


Julia and Kim

Check out their pictures here.

julia and kim

Mia and Winnie

Check out their video here.

mia and winnie screenshot

Marisa and Tiff

Check out their pictures here.


Deanna and Tina

Check out there pictures here.

Corrine and Vanessa

Check out their pictures here.


Ken and Dave


Desiree and Jessica

Check out their pictures here




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