Sarah and Moises’ Wedding at the Eastlyn Golf Course

Sarah and Moises’ Wedding at the Eastlyn Golf Course

Event Details:

Date: June 10, 2016

Names: Sarah & Moises

Venue: Eastlyn Golf Course

Congratulations to Sarah and Moises who recently tied the knot at the Eastlyn Golf Course in Vineland, NJ. The couple had a lovely day followed by an unforgettable night surrounded by their friends and family.

Anticipation and love were in the air as Moises awaited his beautiful bride at the alter. When the time came for Sarah to make her way down the aisle, all eyes were on her in her stunning, strapless wedding gown. Our NJ Officiant performed a touching ceremony where the two lovebirds committed to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives. The guests cheered as Sarah and Moises were announced as man and wife. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured some awesome shots of the couple in their portrait session.

When all the pictures were done being taken, the crowd headed inside where everyone danced, laughed, and had a great night. Our NJ Wedding DJ made sure to play music that appealed to everyone so the dance floor was packed all night long! Our Ambient Lighting really set a charming atmosphere for the ballroom which accented all of the centerpieces in the room! Everything from their venue to their vows were absolutely flawless. This was surely a wedding that no one will soon forget!

We want to wish nothing but success and happiness to Sarah and Moises in their future endeavors. Congratulations, again!