1. You’re Engaged!

This night is the happiest you will ever be. The person you love more than anyone in this world has asked for your hand in marriage, and you’ve said yes. Time to celebrate!

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2. The Dress

It is time for you and your closest pals to play dress up! You’re finally stepping into a wedding dress and thinking about all of your guests’ faces when they see you walk down the aisle.

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3. Choosing your Maid of Honor

She’s your sister or your best friend, but either way she is the one you will do the craziest things with. Now she gets to stand by your side as you say, “I Do.”

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4. Choosing you vendors

There are so many different people you need to speak to in order to make your day as special as you have always wanted. Caterers, florists, venues.


9. Almost there

By now you’ve paid for your venue, your dress, flowers, food, cake, jewelry, your honeymoon, and you’re just waiting for the day to be here so you can start saving your money again.

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