Purely Emotional

The cornerstone of your marriage is your ceremony. It should be a reflection of who you are and express your unique relationship with you and the love of your life. Your ceremony should be the perfect introduction to a happily married life, surrounded by your closest friends and family.

At Enchanted Celebrations, our ordained, licensed interfaith ministers will go above and beyond traditional limits to create the most unique, loving, and personalized wedding of your dreams. You will be absolutely impressed by our ability to creatively transform your ceremony into the whimsical, enchanting ceremony that you always wanted.

Our officiants put in extra effort to make certain that the memories created on your special day will last a lifetime. Enchanted Celebrations serves ALL loving couples.

Read our marriage equality statement here.


Service with Compassion

Your wedding day is a major life event that is entirely unique and beautiful for you and your best friend and should be treated as such. At Enchanted Celebrations, we ensure the utmost personalized, detailed and compassionate service to our couples year after year.

Our officiants provide extraordinary ceremonies for our couples to make unforgettable memories and moments, no matter the circumstances. For example, in 2011 during Hurricane Irene, we received a call that a wedding minister who was not contacted through Enchanted Celebrations did not show up to a wedding to perform the ceremony. Within 20 minutes of receiving the call, one of our ministers drove through the hurricane during a state of  emergency to perform the ceremony. The couple was so grateful and they ended up having a stunning ceremony and day, despite the circumstances.

It is stories like this one that drive us to continue our mission of servicing couples with compassion. We enjoy sharing our stories of compassionate service to everyone to demonstrate our relentless pursuit of above and beyond service. Our officiants understand that this is the day you have dreamed of for years and take special pride in making sure that your ceremony exceeds your expectations.

An Effortless Affair

At Enchanted Celebrations, we believe that your love is undoubtedly true and will never question your decision to unify your love through marriage. Unlike other officiant services, our officiants do not require any pre-marital counseling sessions for your ceremony, making the booking and planning process for your wedding day effortless, easy, and to the point.

Distinctive Packages

Our packages are specially created with you in mind. We pay particular attention to exactly what it is that you are looking for when picking a ceremony officiant and give it to you in our unique officiant packages. While each package can be tailored to suit each couple’s individual needs, a few amenities are shared amongst them all:

  • Fully ordained wedding officiant
  • A step by step online ceremony script builder (so many customizations; almost endless possibilities)
  • Proper and timely filing of all state required paperwork to ensure that your marriage license is absolutely flawless and official

Don’t forget that all of our packages begin with a free, no obligation, in-home consultation. We meet with couples in the comfort of their home, 7 days a week, from 9AM to 9PM.

Curate Your Experience

At Enchanted Celebrations, our officiants will work with you to ensure that any request your heart desires is carried out with absolute perfection. We cater to any ceremony length fancied and allow our couples to personalize their ceremony script with our online ceremony script builder so that our couples have full discretion of their wedding day. Within our easy to use online ceremony script builder, couples can choose to entirely customize their own vows, or leave all the details of the ceremony up to us. Everything about your ceremony is up to you!