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Teiera and Joshua’s Wedding at Brigalias

Wow, what a breathtaking wedding! A huge congratulations is in order for Teiera and Joshua! This happy couple tied the knot on September 29, 2018 at Brigalias in Sicklerville, NJ.   This was a wedding to remember! From the beautiful scenery to the amazing decor, this wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale. Of course, our NJ Wedding Photographer was there all day to capture the beautiful memories. The lovely bride and groom started their magical day getting dressed to the nines. …

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Danielle and James Wedding at The Mansion

Congratulations to Danielle and James on their recent wedding! The lovebirds wed on September 28,2018 at The Mansion in Voorhees, NJ. The bride and bridal party started out the day getting pampered in beautiful silk robes.  They looked amazing, and once all the finishing touches were made the bride took lovely photos with her mother and maid of honor, courtesy of our NJ Wedding Photographer. Once everyone was looking magical, it was time to head to the ceremony! The bride…

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Angela and Mike’s Wedding at the Debonair Music Hall

Congratulations to Angela and Mike on their November wedding! The lovely couple wed on November 2,2018 at the Debonair Music Hall. Angela started her day getting ready to walk down the aisle! She couldn’t wait to finally marry her dream man.  Once all the finishing touches were made and Angela was looking like a princess, it was time to make her way to the ceremony.  Our NJ wedding photographer was with the couple throughout their special day to capture every…

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Meghann and Stephan’s Engagement Session

Wedding bells will ring this April when Meghann and Stephan tie the knot at Perona Farms in New Jersey! We had so much fun during their engagement session and we cannot wait for the “I Do’s” this Spring!  The happy couple and our NJ Wedding Photographer had a day in the park where Meghann and Stephan had their engagement shoot! It was a crisp Fall afternoon as the leaves were changing colors in the background behind them! Meghann wore a…

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Allison and John’s Wedding at The Madison Hotel

Congratulations to Allison and John on their recent marriage! These two soulmates have officially tied the knot and we couldn’t be happier for them! This wonderful occasion just took place on October 6th 2018 at The Madison Hotel in New Jersey.  The brides dress hung by the window that morning surrounded by lights that made it glow and shine moments before slipping it on. The girls wore their purple and pink floral robes as they sat back and got their hair…

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Carly and Lou’s Wedding at Community House of Moorestown

Congratulations to Carly and Lou on recently tying the knot! This lovely couple got married this past Fall at Community House of Moorestown in New Jersey. It was everything you would imagine in a beautiful October wedding!  They had their date written in gold on blue glass stones and it was so creative! The bride’s white gown hang and sparkled as the ladies were busy that morning getting primped and pampered! Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there as they all…

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Kelley and Craig’s Wedding at the Rainbow Room

Congratulations to Kelley and Craig on their extravagant wedding! The couple officially tied the knot on September 28, 2018 at The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC.  The happy couple woke up on September 28th with such excitement and anticipation.  The big day they were waiting for was finally here! The bride and groom started prepping with family and friends for the ceremony. Kelley put on her amazing gown and Craig was looking sharp in his white tux to match…

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Casey and Peter’s Wedding at The Farmhouse

A huge congratulations is in order for Casey and Peter on their September Wedding! The beautiful couple wed on September 23, 2018 at the Farmhouse in Delaware.  The lovebirds wedding day was nothing short of magical.  Casey started off the big day perfecting her bohemian wedding look by dressing in a beautiful lace gown and an amazing flower crown! Her bridal party wore lovely navy blue dresses to accent.  Once all the finishing touches were made, it was almost time…

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Lucia and Chris’s Wedding at The Estate at Florentine Gardens

Congratulations to Lucia and Chris on their extravagant winter wedding! The lovebirds wed on January 19th at The Estate at Florentine Gardens in River Vale, NJ. The lovely bride spent her morning getting ready for her big day! She dressed in a sparkly white robe while her bridal party wore bright floral robes to get pampered before the big ceremony.  Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there every step of the way to capture all the special memories. After Lucia’s hair and makeup…

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Mary and Chris’ Wedding at Absecon Lighthouse

Congratulations to Mary and Chris who recently became husband and wife this past October! Their ceremony took place at Absecon Lighthouse followed by their reception that took place at Carmine’s in Atlantic City. The bride and groom spent their morning preparing for their special day! Chris fastened his cuff links and the bridal party made their way to the lighthouse for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there as the lovely ladies in grey made their way to…

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