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Fun With Enchanted Celebrations Photo Booths

Your wedding reception is the time to let loose and enjoy your night and what better way to do that than with our photo booth options! Capture the excitement of the evening with fun and zany images, accented with outrageous props to bring out everyone’s silliest personality. Your guests will love posing the night away and being able to take home this personalized keepsake from your wedding.

At Enchanted Celebrations, all of our services and product packages are always all-inclusive and our photo booth rental packages are no exception! When you choose your photo booth, you can rest in comfort knowing that ALL of our photo booth rental packages include the following:

  • Unlimited Photo Prints for 4-5 Hours
  • All Guests in Photo Booth Will Get a Photo Strip
  • Professional, Friendly Attendant
  • Double Prints in Under 10 Seconds (LESS WAITING=MORE FUN)
  • Customizable Strips With Your Name & Wedding Date
  • Choose Between Retro Black-and-White or Vivid Full-Color
  • Full Selection of Props for Fun Pictures
  • Ready-to-Print USB or DVD of ALL Pictures
  • High Quality Hand-Crafted Scrapbook


Photo booths allow your guests the chance to really capture the energy of the evening and adding props to your photo booth just enhances that experience! From crazy hats, to over-sized glasses, at Enchanted Celebrations, we provide a variety of silly accessories for your photo booth! Add homemade props to your collection to add an even more personalized flare to your photo booth images. The possibilities are endless.


While photo booths are a great way to give your guests an extra party favor, it is also a fantastic way for you to have a keepsake of your own. At Enchanted Celebrations, with every photo booth package we offer, you will also get a scrapbook with a personal message from your guests next to a copy of their photo booth strip. This is a great way to get an informal wedding photo book and hear what your guests wish for you on your wedding day!

Types of Photo Booths

The Instaprint Station

With this fun feature, you can customize your prints to your desires using your wedding day hashtag, as well as track your hashtag on social media! Just tell your guests to take a picture on their phone, post to their instagram account, and use your personal wedding hashtag. Within seconds, our instaprint station prints a copy of the picture with the caption. Guests can then, pick up their prints at the instaprint station.  Guests will truly love the interactive and high tech features of this accessory.

The Social Booth




Same great photo and image quality but now your guests can upload there pictures directly to Facebook and Twitter (based on internet availability and connection speed)! This booth requires 12ft of floor space (6 ft for the booth and 6ft for the props table) and fits up to 6 guests.

Cloth Style Photo Booth

Fun and Affordable!

Cloth Photo Booth


The cloth booth is our most popular booth and comes in multiple variations; all professional, black on black design of course! Best for venues with elevators, tight entrances, and clients who want a sleek, modern feel during their wedding reception. This booth requires 12ft of floor space (6 ft for the booth and 6ft for the props table) and fits up to 10 guests.

Classic Boardwalk Photo Booth



This classic photo booth set up is best for clients who want a traditional old-style boardwalk feel with the latest in printing technology at their wedding reception. This booth requires 10ft of floor space (4 ft for the booth and 6ft for the props table) and fits up to 2 guests.

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