Congratulations to Amber and Andrew on their recent marriage! They tied the knot on a gorgeous day in June at The Bradford Estate. With the beautiful weather and their loved ones, Amber and Andrew’s wedding day was extraordinary! Likewise, the elegant venue was the perfect choice to celebrate the big day. Our NJ Wedding Videographer could not wait to get started.

First, Amber wore a breathtaking wedding gown with her hair curled perfectly under her captivating veil as she walked down the aisle. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to capture the precious outdoor ceremony for Amber and Andrew to relive any time they want to! The cute couple stood hand in hand and said their heartwarming vows. Then, they sealed their marriage with a kiss, and could officially go by Mr. and Mrs.! 

The reception was unforgettable! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to capture every moment, from the bouquet toss, to the cutting of the cake and everyone’s great dance moves! It was an amazing night filled with fun, love and celebration for everyone.

Congratulations, again, Amber and Andrew! Overall, their wedding in June at The Bradford Estate will be cherished forever! Thanks for letting us at Enchanted Celebrations document the memories from start to finish.

June at the Bradford Estate