Congratulations to Amira and Josh on their marriage! The couple spent a beautiful day at Crystal Point Yacht Club. The Smithville Inn was absolutely beautiful, with decor chosen specially by Amira and Josh.

Amira and Josh began their day with a beautiful ceremony, which our South Jersey Wedding Videographer was honored to have been a part of. The love between the couple as well as their guests was clear, making it even more special.

It was an incredibly fun day. The celebration of Amira and Josh’s love and marriage was one to remember! They and their guests had a great time all day and night.

Our NJ Wedding Videographer was happy to be part of this special day! Amira and Josh can now look back on their wedding whenever they want with their beautiful video!

From dawn to dusk, Enchanted Celebrations was there every step of the way for the newlyweds. We wish Amira and Josh nothing but the best!


NJ Wedding Photographer