Blue Heron Pines wedding photos

Congratulations, again, to the newly engaged couple, Angel and Michael! On November 1st, 2020, this adorable couple is set to be married at Blue Heron Pines Golf Club. We had so much fun shooting their engagement session! We cannot wait to see how their Blue Heron Pines Wedding Photos will come out! That being, we are not the only one’s eager to see Angel and Michael’s incredible wedding photos! AisleMemories has taken notice of this adorable couple too!

AisleMemories is your perfect one stop shop when it comes to planning your future wedding! They offer it all when it comes to weddings! They provide wedding inspirations, honeymoon travel ideas, even beauty tips all the way to real-life weddings! AisleMemories has anything you could possibly imagine for your wedding and some things you would have never thought of! If you need any inspiration for your wedding, AisleMemories is just the place to go! It is a great honor that Angel and Michael have been selected to be published on their incredible wedding site. Be sure to check out their post on May 6th, 2020! 

The couple spent the day outdoors for their spring time photo session. They wandered through the woods kissing and holding each other for their shoot. They came across lots of playful scenery to create their spring time feel with lily-pads and a bed of wild flowers! It was a great setting for two people just blossoming in their new lives together. 

Once more, congratulations, Angel and Michael, on your engagement and getting published! We are all so excited for your Blue Heron Pines Wedding Photos!

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