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Congratulations to Christina and Wayne on their wedding! They celebrated their day on October 19th, 2019 at The Mainland. With The Mainland wedding videos, memories of your special day are one click away.

Christina and Wayne’s wedding day was full of memories. The two, of course, started their day with daily preparations. Each were surrounded by family and friends to ensure that they looked their best (and they sure did!). Bridesmaids helped Christina into her beautiful wedding dress, while Wayne was putting on his suit. The two were reunited by the lake where Wayne got a first look at Christina in her wedding dress. They shared a few laughs by the lake, while they anticipated the ceremony. Finally, ready to make things official, they headed off to the church where they had their ceremony. 

Guests excitedly waited while the bridesmaids and groomsmen entered the church. Christina walked down the aisle and was reunited with Wayne. They exchanged their vows and finally sealed the deal with a kiss! It was like a weight had finally been lifted off their shoulders! They were now officially husband and wife. The newlyweds left the ceremony while guests blew bubbles. The view was so picturesque! 

Finally, it was time to celebrate! Christina and Wayne entered the beautifully decorated reception area, while dim lights hung from the ceiling and lit up the room. They shared their first dance, and held on tight to each other. Neither of the two wanted this night to end. Loved ones crowded the dance floor as they all busted out their best moves in celebration of Christina and Wayne’s wedding. 

Once again, congratulations to Christina and Wayne. We loved celebrating with you! We love this venue and you will too! Check out more of The Mainland wedding videos from our portfolio.