Congratulations again to Cindy and John on their marriage! This duo sealed the deal at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin Township, NJ.

Cindy walked down the aisle in a stunning beaded dress with a beautiful arrangement of purple and lavender flowers. All eyes were on her when she came through the door.  

Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured some breathtaking images outside of the happy couple along with the necessary family shots. How could you not notice their adorable son in his black and purple tuxedo that matched the rest of the groomsmen.

Cindy and John made fun entrance into their reception so they could join in on the continuation of the celebration. They both shared heart felt dances with their parents and with one another. With some uplifting music, everyone got to the dance floor to join the new husband and wife.

What a spectacular day! It was such an honor to take part in Cindy and John’s wedding. Congratulations again to this one of a kind couple!


NJ Wedding Photographer