Perfect for an unforgettable wedding entrance or the dreamiest first dance. Dancing on the clouds is something you will remember for years to come after your wedding. Have you ever thought of how romantic it would be to dance with the love of your life on the clouds? Unfortunately gravity doesn’t let that happen but our popular NJ wedding DJs provide an irresistible and dreamy clouds on the ground experience! 

Up in the Clouds… on the Ground

Just imagine you and your significant other walking to the middle of the dance floor when all of a sudden, the lights dim, low lying fog begins to surround the area around your feet and our wedding DJs bring everyone’s attention to you. You’ll feel like you are in a whole new universe with your spouse and continue on with the most romantic first dance. Slowly the fog fades away as you come back to reality after the dreamiest adventure in the clouds. Our best NJ weddings DJs can make this dream come to life with our fog machines!

A Dreamy Memory

Apart from a dreamy experience, our best NJ wedding DJs fog machines will serve as a perfect touch for your wedding photos. The fog does not get in the way of any wedding photos and actually enhances and perfects the moment by eliminating any unnecessary items which may be nearby! Just think about your beautiful wedding dress, now envision how impeccable it would look when the fog surrounds your lower body and makes it look like an extension of your dress. You will feel like you’re in your own fairytale thanks to our top NJ wedding DJs!

Our wedding DJs in NJ love our low lying fog machines that create a professional and elegant fog effect on the ground as opposed to high rising fog machines which might disrupt your guests’ view and be in the way of your wedding photos and videos. Not only you, but our amazing NJ wedding DJs will also make your guests feel like they are watching a fairytale come to life in an out of the world experience. 

In Night and Day

While many people like to use fog machines in a low light first dance, our top NJ wedding DJs high quality dry ice fog machines can be used in light and day and equally provide a dreamy layout. Our wedding DJs can even set up the fog machines for your entrance! Just imagine how breathtaking it’ll look when the venue doors open and fog starts to come out as you enter! Our fog machines, operated by our best wedding DJs in NJ really create the perfect moment for any part on your big day!

Many NJ wedding DJs fog machines contain chemicals, but our state of the art dry ice machines do not contain any unwanted chemicals or odors. They also stay low on the ground to prevent breathing issues or setting off any smoke alarms. To add on, our amazing wedding DJs in NJ make sure that once the dry ice effect is over, there is no moisture or residue. We value your wedding day and would not provide any services that are not up to our highest standards. Our top NJ wedding DJs will make your fog machine dreams come true!

Still Have Questions?

If you’re still thinking about or maybe didn’t consider a fog machine for your big day before this, let us reassure you that our wonderful wedding DJs can create a world of a difference with this small addition. Our wedding DJs are positive that once you see how spectacular your wedding photos and/or videos come out you will be so thankful you booked a fog machine. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about booking a fog machine for your wedding package. We are positive that our best NJ wedding DJs will not disappoint, but instead they will leave you cloud-struck!