NJ Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Cory and Keith on their big day and for a fabulous beach wedding being featured on the Beach Bride website! Check out their publication here: www.beachbride.com/diy-laid-back-beach-party/

Beach Bride is a website that provides Bride-to-be with inspiration and new ideas for beach themed weddings! Pictures from Cory and Keith’s wedding can be found on the Beach Bride website.

The photos from Cory and Keith’s wedding provide a unique look into d.i.y and beach themed weddings. Photos captured by our NJ Wedding Photographer show off many of the d.i.y projects that tied the laid back beach atmosphere together!

Thanks to the Beach Bride website the beautiful photos from Cory and Keith’s wedding are available for all to be inspired by!

Congratulations, again to Cory and Keith on not only your marriage but having your big day shared for all! If you want to see more from their big day, check out our post here: https://www.enchantedcelebrations.com/eventcards/cory-keiths-wedding-brant-beach-yacht-club/