wedding entertainment pricing in nj

Survey Time!

If you found your dance partner for life, it’s time to celebrate that! Do you have an estimate on how much your overall wedding will cost? How about if you add on a professional DJ to the mix? With’s survey, you’ll be able to fill out the details of your special day with wedding entertainment pricing in NJ and more. At Enchanted Celebrations, we could not wait to share this helpful survey with you! With our flexible packages, you and your dance partner will spend more time on the dance floor and less time worrying about breaking the bank.

Let’s Get Down To Business

wedding entertainment pricing in nj

At Enchanted Celebrations, we are getting down to business while you are getting down to the beat! Our team of talented DJs are here for you big night to provide you with the ultimate wedding playlist you always envisioned with unique packages tailored to your budget. Besides the photos and videos, we understand that the entertainment for your wedding is what will be remembered for a lifetime. Let’s make the music count!

So, What Are The Factors?

What is it that makes all the difference in wedding entertainment pricing in NJ? Lucky for you, it costs significantly less to go for a DJ over a live band at your wedding! In addition, it’s all the guest list. According to, a large wedding will cost a couple roughly $63,000. This estimate includes around $1,160 for the DJ. On average, the cost of a wedding DJ is about $1,000. In comparison, smaller backyard weddings can amount to approximately $25,000, incorporating around $920 for DJ entertainment.

Lastly, lighting is another cost that may add up to your entertainment costing as well as contribute to the overall total expenses. Lighting for a shorter guest list will cost about $400 while a longer guest list will increase that number to roughly $520.

Survey Says…

There’s no better time than right now to find out the estimates for your own wedding! After you complete your survey, we hope that wedding entertainment pricing in NJ will enhance your reception scene and bring you that night to remember!