wedding videography cost in NJ

Survey Time!


Ever wanted to get a quick ballpark estimate of how much your wedding could cost? How about if you have enough saved up for booking video? We have just the tool for you! With the help of, you can fill out a simple survey that will determine how much wedding cash you are likely to spend. Answering questions like your guest total to describing your theme, this survey is worth trying out! As far as the wedding videography cost in NJ, a service so sentimental could be something worth budgeting into your dream wedding!

Let’s Get Down To Business


At Enchanted Celebrations, we mean business! In other words, we are all about working within your budget with not only our flexible videography packages, but for all of our promotional offers! That’s why we feel that this survey could help our couples to budget for the services that will make a wedding day nothing short of extraordinary. Besides, we all need a little estimating help, right?!

So, What Are The Factors?


Think you can guess them all? There are various factors that can affect the overall total cost of a wedding as well as your individual wedding videography cost in NJ. One example lies in the survey question that asks how many guests will be attending.  A larger wedding that costs around $63,000 would include a videography price of about $1,628.  On the other hand, a smaller wedding that costs around $25,000 would include a videography price of about $1,083. Interestingly enough, the average videographer costs anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500, meaning both of these estimates actually fall within the average.

In addition, the location, time of year, staffing, your wedding timeline, and add-ons can dictate the full total and service totals. Regarding video, you can choose to have the latest trends like incredible drone footage and songs played for your video. Furthermore, you have free range when it comes to full day coverage or even how many videographers you would like present!

Survey Says…


Okay, no more spoilers! Now, it’s your turn to see what the survey says. After you complete your survey, decide how the wedding videography cost in NJ and more services can fit into your expenditures and make for your perfect wedding day.

wedding videography cost in NJ