Danielle and Matthew’s Wedding Videography


Congratulations to Danielle and Matthew on their recent marriage! These lovebird’s big day took place on September 7th, 2018 at Willow Creek Winery in Cape May NJ.

Every detail of the day was very carefully planned out. Every dress was steamed to perfection and every decoration was in place. Danielle started her morning with loved ones in white and plum purples robes. She had the biggest and brightest smile as she slipped into her dream wedding gown and put her earrings on. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was also with Matthew and his groomsmen out in the vineyard. They were dressed to the nines in gray suites and matching floral ties the pulled in altogether.  

The outdoor ceremony was filled with white, peach, and purple roses making it the most elegant ceremony. Guests were seated and ready for the day as the groom made his way up front awaiting to lay eyes on Danielle for the first time that day. Here comes the bride! They each read their vows, placed on the rings, and sealed their everlasting love with a kiss! They danced their way back down the aisle while friends and family headed to the cocktail hour. The sign welcoming everyone read “Welcome together is a beautiful place to be!” 

Meanwhile, the newlyweds snuck off with our NJ Wedding Videographer to take shots together for the first time as husband and wife! They then joined everyone inside the stunning reception room! First dances were done, heartfelt speeches were made, and there was lots and lots of hugs going around! Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured every dance move that night for the couple to be able to relive forever! 

Congratulations, again, to Danielle and Matthew on their extraordinary day! We wish you endless love and happiness in everything that you do!