Props are a way to not only have fun with your engagement session, but also play a key role in showcasing your personality as a couple! Don’t be afraid to be playful and creative!

We have put together a list of 10 items that can transform your engagement pictures from ordinary, to extraordinary! 

  1. Banners

Whether you are a traditional bride or a DIY aficionado, holding up a banner with your set wedding date, or your married name, is a cute way to add sentimental value to your photos.  



  1. Chalkboard Plaque

Any signage can add an interesting twist to your engagement session! Use a chalkboard plaque as a Save-the-Date, or write a sweet message that speaks to you as a couple to add that personal touch to your images.


  1. Natural Items

Make use of the season! Use natural items to benchmark your shot, like the fall foliage, or some stunning sea shells! Using nature in your photos can add a whimsical and natural feel to your images. 

  1. Beverages

Use ordinary items that speak to you as a couple, like a simple pint of beer at your favorite bar, or a hot brew from your favorite coffee shop.  Writing cute phrases on the cup or napkin isn’t a bad idea either!



  1.  Wooden Letter

Add a classic and sophisticated look to your session with a simple letter to hold or prop up as a focal point for your images. Wooden letters are easy to incorporate and fun to work with!


  1. Pets

Animals play a huge role in our lives, so bring them along to create an energetic, activity based element to your engagement session!  Pets are a great way to make your images more personal and unique. Keep in mind, they can also be challenging to involve if they are not so well behaved!



  1. Rope

What better way to capture your engagement then showcasing the moment before you tie the knot — literally!


  1. Empty Picture Frames

Finding a vintage or modern inspired frame at your local thrift store can add an interesting flare to the composition!


  1. Simple Pillow and Blankets

Cozy up with a blanket in the winter, or lay it down for a picnic scene in the spring or summer!  This is a classically versatile prop to consider!



  1. Scrabble Pieces

There is a quirky side to every couple!  Why not bring your favorite game along?  Using Scrabble pieces can be a great way to make a Save-the-Date shot, or just write a cute message to capture and cherish forever.



Bonus:  Remember, when it comes to props, there is no limit to what props you can use during your engagement shoot!  Get creative to truly showcase your personality and share your story as a future married couple!


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