The most memorable moment in a woman’s life is the proposal. His gettin down on one knee and possibly sharing the sweetest words he memorized over and over just so he had it right. Imagine how nervous this can be for a guy and how much preparation he has to go through. It has to be not only special for you but for him as well.

Some guys may not take the traditional route of proposal by getting down on one knee. It all depends on his ideas and how much creativity he wants to put into it. I’ve watched many proposals especially one in particular where the guy fully planned out the proposal by having his girlfriend come to a hotel. He had guidelines for her to follow where she had to go to certain rooms where her family and friends read something to her that was from him. It ended of course with the official proposal but the creativity and thought he put into it was beyond romantic.

It doesn’t have to go as far as this but, guys make sure it is something that’s worth the memory. this is your moment to shine and chance to inform her on how much she means to you.

We know you don’t want anyone telling you how or when to propose to your woman but some say Christmas is a great time to propose.

Once that proposal is done and it time to start the exciting wedding planning process one great idea to keep in mind is engagement photographs! These are great to send to friends and family to announce your big moment, in case they weren’t there to share in it at the time. Engagement photographs can be easily setup and done by your local wedding photographer.

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