Amanda and Devon’s Brant Beach Yacht Club Wedding Photos

Event Date: April 10, 2021

Amanda and Devon Brant Beach Yacht Club Wedding Photos

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Congratulations to Amanda and Devon on their wedding! The couple wed on April 10th, 2021 at the stunning Brant Beach Yacht Club wedding photos. 

First, the day began with prep; Amanda’s bridesmaids helped each other get into their dresses. Then the bridesmaids helped the bride button up her captivating form fitting dress and helped strap on her diamond studded heels. After the final touches were complete, they were off to the ceremony.  

Before the ceremony started Amanda talked with her mom to hear some comforting words. Amanda looked relieved to see her mother so happy and overjoyed to be a part of this special day. All of Amanda’s nerves went away and she was ready to walk down the aisle! The ceremony was held outside which was perfect views for a spring wedding and the Brant Beach Yacht Club wedding photos.

The ceremony began and the bridal party were all perfectly coordinating with their different shades of blue. Devon was standing at the altar in his dashing navy blue suit. Amanda then appeared at the end of the aisle and Devon started to get teary eyed. The couple then exchanged their vows and were pronounced husband and wife!

The bride and groom took group photos with family and the bridal party on the beach. Which made for wonderful Brant Beach Yacht Club wedding photos. After the breathtaking pictures it was time for their reception. Family and friends sat around smiling and greeting each other waiting for the happy couple to enter the room.

Finally, the newlyweds entered the ballroom. The couple enjoyed their first dance and then everybody joined them on the dancefloor. The groomsmen and bridesmaids made memorable toasts to the newlyweds and everybody danced the night away. The lovebirds were happy to see everybody enjoying themselves.

Congrats to Amanda and Devon on their special day!





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