Annie and Mindo’s Wedding at the Overbrook Golf Club

Event Date: August 31, 2019

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Annie and Mindo’s Wedding at the Overbrook Golf Club

Congratulations to Annie and Mindo on their recent summer wedding! The two celebrated this beautiful event on August 31st, 2019 at the Overbrook Golf Club in Villanova, PA. Our Best Wedding Photographers PA were there to capture the precious moments throughout!

First, Annie began her day preparing with her bridesmaids. She wore an absolutely beautiful white dress, while her bridesmaids wore equally gorgeous pink dresses. Meanwhile, Mindo was getting ready with his groomsmen. He wore a navy suit with a gold tie, while his groomsmen wore dark blue suits with pink ties. Once the preparation was complete, the timeless ceremony was underway. Our Best Wedding Photographers PA captured Annie and Mindo making their way down the aisle, sharing their vows, and  kissing! Friends and family were elated with happiness, their two stars were finally united as one! Next, it was time for the celebration to commence, and for the guests to head to the venue.

Once the guests had arrived at the venue, it was time for the next ceremonial event. The first dance as husband and wife! With all eyes on them, Annie and Mindo lit up the room, and showcased their true love for each other! Next, it was time for the rest of the guests to join in, and for the party to begin! The venue featured a huge dance floor for everyone from young to old, and even live entertainment! Alongside some unforgettable speeches from their family and friends came a slice of the gorgeous looking wedding cake, it was nonstop smiles and good times for the lovers!

Congratulations, again, to Annie and Mindo on their fantastic wedding. Thank you for allowing our Best Wedding Photographers PA to help celebrate this wonderful moment! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

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