Ashley and Anand’s Wedding at Sri Venkateswara Temple

Event Date: August 24, 2019

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Congratulations to Ashley and Anand on their wedding at the breathtaking Sri Venkateswara Temple in Bridgewater, New Jersey! Our top wedding DJs PA were there to make sure their big day lasted all night long!

Firstly, Ashley received intricate markings on her hands and feet. With these beautiful and detailed symbols adorning her body, the bride to be slipped into her gold and crimson dress. Lastly, she put on her sparkling gold jewelry.  Then, she made her way outside to meet Anand to share their first looks. 

In front of the awe-inspiring temple and fountain, Ashley and her groom to be caught each other’s eyes. Anand looked handsome in his scarlet and ivory ensemble. The exquisite pair embraced in a myriad of poses. Ashley couldn’t stop smiling. Then, Anand took the opportunity to twirl his bride to be around and dip her to our surprise. Our top wedding DJs PA were ready to hit the dance floor right then and there! However, first it was time for their ceremony.

At last, Ashley and Anand tied the knot and had a traditional Hindu ceremony. The Sri Venkateswara Temple was the perfect place to host such a beautiful display of their love and faith. The wedding party cheered the happy couple on as they exited the temple as husband and wife. Next, it was time for their reception!

Right away, our top wedding DJs PA turned up the music! Ashley slipped into a white and gold dress and met her husband on the dance floor. At last, they celebrated their marriage and the beautiful fact that they had each other to love and to hold from that day forward. 

Congratulations, again, to Ashley and Anand on their exquisite wedding! Thank you for letting our top wedding DJs PA dance the night away with you!

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