Bernadette and David’s Wedding at the Smithville Inn

Event Date: March 6, 2021

Smithville Inn Wedding Photos

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Congratulations to Bernadette and David on their wedding! These two lovebirds tied the knot in March at the Smithville Inn! Our photographers were so happy they could capture your day. Now you can look back on your Smithville Inn wedding photos forever!

First, their day began with Bernadette and her gal pals getting all dolled up for their day. Bernadette had a gorgeous low bun with pearls weaving through it, her hairdo showed off the amazing back of her dress. After she was all ready, she headed outside to meet her groom for an unforgettable first look. She tapped his shoulder, and they both were holding back tears when they saw each other. They can now relive this moment in their Smithville Inn wedding photos

After their first look, they took some beautiful portraits taken before heading to their ceremony.  Next, they headed to the ceremony, exchanged their rings and sealed the deal with a kiss before going off to celebrate. They all headed into their ceremony and that was where the party really started. Bernadette and David strutted right into their first dance. Of course, Bernadette had to sport her custom jean jacket she had for her day during the reception.

After their first dance, they were joined by their loved ones for their special dances. They were then toasted to by loved ones and everyone was in awe at the sweet words spoken. Next, Bernadette and David made their way around to greet their guests before heading back out onto the dance floor. They have all these sweet memories to reexperience in their Smithville Inn wedding photos forever. Finally, their night ended and their future together began. 

Congratulations again to Bernadette and David! We hope you love your Smithville Inn wedding photos forever and always!

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