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Event Date: May 23, 2021

Best Poconos wedding photographers at Wallenpaupack Creek Farm
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Congratulations to Andrea and Roberto on a magical wedding day! This fascinating couple got married on May 23rd, 2021 at the Wallenpaupack Creek Farm in South Sterling, PA! We are so happy that our best Poconos wedding photographers were able to capture your special day.

Andrea looked absolutely breathtaking throughout the entire day. She wore an elegant white gown that looked incredible on her. She had the biggest smile on her face throughout the entire day which completed her look. Roberto wore a blue tuxedo and looked remarkably dashing.

At the ceremony both Andrea and Roberto had a wonderful time! They kicked off the ceremony by participating in a sand ceremony. They both laughed with joy as they poured their sand into the container as a symbol of their lifelong commitment to one another. Then they recited their heartwarming vows to each other in front of their loved ones. Finally, they released doves! It was so fun to see! Our best wedding Poconos wedding photographers had a blast documenting Andrea and Roberto’s wedding.

At last it was time for the reception! The venue was amazing and so romantic. There were string lights all over the ceiling which looked so cool in these photos. Not to mention the gorgeous views from the balcony! Andrea and Roberto picked an amazing location to join together as husband and wife. 

Congratulations again to the amazing couple Andrea and Roberto! Our best Poconos wedding photographers loved capturing your special night. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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