Brittany and Adrian’s Wedding at Brant Beach Yacht Club

Event Date: September 30, 2016


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Congratulations to Brittany and Adrian on their marriage! This perfect match tied the knot at the Brant Beach Yacht Club. Despite the rain on their wedding day, this was an amazing day for Brittany and Adrian to share with their family and friends!

This magical day began with both Brittany and Adrian getting ready for what was soon about to be the greatest day of their lives. Brittany posed with her closest girlfriends who all wore matching silk robes, while Adrian and his closest guys showed off their matching watches. Brittany was glowing in her strapless form-fitting gown with a stunning beaded bodice.  When the two were finally dressed to the nines and ready for their day, they headed to the venue to get a sneak peak of each other before the ceremony began.

Surrounded by their bridal party, Brittany and Adrian stood back to back waiting for the moment they were able to turn and see each other for the first time on this monumental day. This first look was really something special. As the two turned to face each other, their faces simply lit up. You have never seen two people more in love and in awe of each other. After sharing a sweet kiss and taking in the excitement of the moment, it was time for our NJ Wedding Photographer to snap some photos that will be cherished for the rest of this young couples lives.

With the thrill of their first look behind them, it was time to officially tie the knot. Brittany walked down the aisle, arm-in-arm with two of the most important men in her life, and Adrian was smiling from ear to ear as he saw his future wife walking toward him. The ceremony was nothing short of stunning. The two declared their love and promised each other forever as they read their personal vows. The rings were placed on their fingers and in front of their closest friends and family, the two shared a sweet kiss and officially started the beginning of the next chapter of their young lives. From this moment on, Brittany and Adrian will forever be Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Kaplan.

Finally it was time for the real party to start! After sharing their first dance as husband and wife, the two were ready to get dancing. Along with the rest of their friends and family, Brittany and Adrian danced all night long, not ready for this day to be over. Thankfully, our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to capture all of the fun and excitement on the dance floor. It truly was a magical day and dancing and having fun with the people closest to them was a fabulous way to end the night.

Congratulations again to Brittany and Adrian! It was a pleasure to be a part of your big day. We wish you nothing but love and happiness!

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