Cecilia and Mike’s Wedding at The Estate at Eagle Lake

Event Date: September 14, 2018

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Congratulations to Cecilia and Mike on their recent marriage! This amazing couple tied the knot this September at The Estate at Eagle Lake in Chesterfield, New Jersey.

In the beginning of the day, Cecilia hung her dress outside by the pond and admired how perfect it was! Inside, our  NJ Wedding Photographer was with Mike and his best men as they prepared for the big day as well! He tied up his shoes and straightened up his tie before it was time to see his beautiful bride! Cecilia buttoned up her dress and slipped on her shoes as she made her way out to the dock where her husband-to-be was waiting for her! She gave him a tap on the shoulder letting him know it was time for the big reveal! As he turned around he was in awe and gave his bride a big hug and kiss. This couple was so in love! He spun her around for a total look and then headed to the ceremony to be wed.

At the stunning outdoor ceremony, guests found their seats as the happy couple arrived on a golf cart. The bridal party walked down the aisle and stood next to the shimmering, blue lake moments before the bride was escorted to the front. Cecilia and Mike were so excited to be united again! Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured each moment as the two said their vows, with their bridesmaids dressed in lilac and best men by their sides. Once officially married, it was time to celebrate the occasion! 

Friends and family posed outside with the newlyweds as they enjoyed cocktails and appetizers before the reception. Inside, the room was decorated with hints of purple and pretty twinkle lights. Following the couples sweet first dance, Cecilia and Mike sat at their glitter sweetheart table and listened to their loved ones give memorable speeches and humorous toasts. Our NJ Wedding Photographer took the couple outside for some amazing night time pictures that came out great! Guest enjoyed the food and the dancing all night long! It was a wonderful evening for all who attended. 

Congratulations, again to Cecilia and Mike on their wedding day! May everyday be as special as this day!  


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