Chelsei and Thomas’ Wedding at Smithville Inn

Event Date: September 14, 2019

Smithville Inn wedding photos
Chelsei and Thomas’ Wedding at Smithville Inn

Congratulations to Chelsei and Thomas on their picturesque wedding at the charming Smithville Inn! From preparation to reception, they shared the perfect wedding day together. Their Smithville Inn wedding photos look like they are straight out of a magazine!

Chelsei began her morning dressed in a luxurious lace robe. She started the party early and popped a bottle of cold champagne with her bridesmaids! Then, they helped zip up her gorgeous white dress. From head (with her beautiful braided curls) to toe (with her showstopping red heels), Chelsei was ready for her big day. Meanwhile, Thomas looked dapper in his gray suit and beige bow tie. He put his brown shoes over the groovy socks that he and his groomsmen were all wearing.

Finally, the bride and groom to be shared their first look. Outside on the idyllic bridge, Thomas turned around with excitement at his blushing bride. He lifted her into his arms and they shared a perfect kiss. Then, they took a host of picture perfect portraits on the rustic grounds of Smithville Inn. Their Smithville Inn wedding photos couldn’t have come out any more perfect!

Next, it was time for their outdoor ceremony. Chelsei and Thomas exchanged their sweet vows and ultimately said “I do” with a kiss. They made their way back up the aisle and headed straight to their reception. Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Cassidy were introduced to their cheering wedding party. They shared their first dance together before cutting their “cupcake” cake. Above all, they had the time of their lives! Check out their Smithville Inn wedding photos, even Darth Vader made an appearance!

Congratulations, again, to Chelsei and Thomas on their breathtaking wedding at Smithville Inn. Overall, thank you for letting us capture every special moment in your perfect Smithville Inn wedding photos!

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