Courtney and Harry’s Wedding at The Knife and Fork Inn

Event Date: November 6, 2020

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Congratulations to Courtney and Harry on their beautiful wedding day! These two tied the knot at the Knife and Fork Inn on November 6th. They got some beautiful photos using South Jersey wedding photography.

First, Courtney and Harry both got ready for their big day. Courtney had a simply, yet elegant white gown with lovely lace detail on the train. She had her hair tied back in a low bun to reveal the stunning detailing on the back of her dress. Harry got ready to meet his bride for a first look in a simple black tuxedo. He patiently waited outside for Courtney to arrive so they could share a special moment together. They have this moment captured forever thanks to the South Jersey wedding photography they used. 

Next, they were off to the ceremony to officially seal the deal.  Harry patiently waited for his bride to walk down the aisle. Courtney greeted him at the alter and they shared their vows. They said “I do!” and were off to begin their new future together. Afterwards, they were off to meet their guests at their cute brunch reception. They used South Jersey wedding photography to capture these sweet moments.

Next, they headed to their brunch to greet their guests. The room had accents of different light pink flowers that matched the brides bouquet. Everyone laughed and smiled over some tasty mimosas. They even had pretzels there for the guests to take home, how yummy! Everyone toasted the bride and groom before Courtney and Harry cut their cute cake. Finally, the day ended and they were off to start their happily ever after.

Congratulations again to Courtney and Harry on their beautiful wedding day! We are so happy our photographers could use South Jersey wedding photography to capture your special day!


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