DaeNelle and Lawerence Wedding at Adelphia’s

Event Date: August 9, 2015

DaeNelle and Lawerence Wedding at Adelphia’s

Congratulations to DaeNelle and Lawrence on their marriage! They chose to spend their special day at Adelphia in Deptford, where Enchanted Celebrations is a preferred vendor!

This couple began the day with an elegant ceremony in which they exchanged their vows. They had their loved ones participate in the ceremony, which made it even more special. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was honored to have been a part of such a special moment for DaeNelle and Lawrence. After the ceremony, DaeNelle and Lawrence had a portrait session together with their bridal party and families outside on the grounds. They were lucky to have such a beautiful day!

DaeNelle and Lawrence had an exceptionally classy wedding. With the men in tuxedos and bridesmaids in a stunning purple, everyone was dressed to impress. DaeNelle was a vision in her mermaid gown with a flowing train, and Lawrence couldn’t take his eyes off of her! Once the party started, none of the guests wanted it to end! Our South Jersey Wedding Photographer had a blast taking photos for DaeNelle and Lawrence! It was truly a wonderful day!

Congratulations again to DaeNelle and Lawrence!

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