Elisa and Robert’s Wedding at Clarks Landing Yacht Club Delran

Event Date: October 13, 2019

Clarks Landing Yacht Club Delran wedding photos

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Congratulations to the beautiful bride Elisa and her husband Robert for celebrating such a memorable day of their lives. Elegant Clarks Landing Yacht Club Delran wedding photos were captured of this special day. 

Firstly,  she prepared to walk down the aisle with her family and bridesmaid. She looked like an absolute princess in a sparkling white lace dress and pearled jewelry, followed by her bridesmaids dressed in a maroon gown. In the next place, the groom and his men awaited outside on the pier for the gorgeous bride to arrive. Similarly, Robert and his men complemented each other all wearing a fitted navy blue suit.  They were all wearing a beautiful red rose arrangement to match the bride’s bouquet. The couple took outdoor scene portraits with the bridesmaids, groomsmen and family. Overall our photographers captured these memories for them!

Next, they were off to the church for the memorable ceremony. Above all, the emotions set in as Elisa walked down the aisle. Elisa and Robert held hand in hand in the amazing white church filled with loved ones. The newlyweds sealed the day with a kiss after saying vows and lighting candles! Finally, family and friends cheered for Elisa and Robert as they walked out of the church. 

Clarks Landing Yacht Club Delran wedding photos were taken outside the venue where the reception was held. Inside the gorgeous venue were bouquets of red roses and white flowers, delicious food, and drinks with a bar menu! Lastly, Elisa had her dance with her newly husband, family and friends stood around watching in awe!

Finally, to end the night, the happy newlyweds proceeded outside to fun sparklers surrounding them as family and friends celebrated the finale. 

Congrats again, Elisa and Robert, on their marriage! In short, we wish you the very best!

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