Fantastic Wedding Photos From Our Poconos Wedding Photographers

Event Date: June 19, 2021

Poconos wedding photographers at Eagle Rock Resort

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Congratulations to Jessica and John on a very successful wedding! These lovebirds tied the knot on June 19th, 2021 at Eagle Rock Resort in Hazle Township, PA. These photos turned out amazing thanks to our Poconos wedding photographers!

Jessica and John kicked the day off with prep. John prepared for the big day with his closest guys by sharing some drinks. He looked so good in his muted green suit! It was a perfect match for the Poconos atmosphere. Jessica prepped with her favorite girls as well. She looked remarkably stunning in her updo and white lace dress! 

Their first look was just lovely! Jessica met John on the bridge and John couldn’t look any happier gazing at his beautiful bride. Our Poconos wedding photographers captured this precious moment so well! 

During the ceremony, it started to pour! Jessica and John’s guests had to walk down the aisle holding umbrellas! The other half of the ceremony took place inside where Jessica and John recited their heartfelt vows and shared a sweet kiss to officiate their union! 

Even though it rained, the party was still alive! Friends and family happily shared the beautiful memories they had with the couple. After that, everyone was off to the dance floor. It was such a fun night for everyone!

Once again, congratulations to Jessica and John. We hope you love these photos from our Poconos wedding photographers as much as we do. 

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