Hannah and Kevin’s Wedding at Elmwood Park Zoo

Event Date: September 1, 2019

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Hannah and Kevin’s Wedding at Elmwood Park Zoo

Congratulations to Hannah and Kevin on their wild wedding at Elmwood Park Zoo in Pennsylvania! From preparation to reception, our team of the best wedding DJs in PA made sure that the happy couple had the best day of their lives.

First, Hannah began getting ready at the local Marriott with her beautiful bridesmaids. They were feeling luxurious in their matching pajamas. Hannah got her makeup and hair done, then it was time to lace up her perfect dress. Next, she put on her white and blue Converse while her bridesmaids donned vivacious violet dresses. Her parents were there, also; her father was dressed for the occasion in his cheetah print suspenders and bow tie. The entire wedding party was ready to groove the night away with the best wedding DJs in PA. However, first it was time for first looks and their ceremony.

After sharing a cold one with his groomsmen, Kevin waited for his bride in his funky socks, green Converse and bow tie. She tapped him on the shoulder and he was stunned. Then,they embraced in a myriad of photos, featuring a few animals in the background. The pair posed with parrots, rabbits, and giraffes. The best wedding DJs in PA were ready to get down with the animals and the bride and groom “Cheetah and Turtle,” however, it was time for the ceremony and reception.

The lovebirds (or rather love-animals) shared the perfect first kiss at their ceremony. After, they proceeded to share the perfect first dance at their reception. They spent their evening laughing, loving, and dancing with their wedding party. They had the time of their life at the zoo.

Congratulations, again, to Hannah and Kevin on their wedding! Thank you for letting the best wedding DJs in PA share the evening with #SuchAWildPair!

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