Heather and Cory’s Wedding at Atlantis Ballroom

Event Date: November 2, 2019

Atlantis Ballroom wedding photos

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Congrats to the newlyweds, Heather and Cory! This adorable couple recently tied the knot on November 2nd, 2019. With friends and family, Heather and Cory celebrated their marriage at Atlantis Ballroom in Toms River, NJ. For this special event, out greatest photographers joined to create Atlantis Ballroom Wedding Photos

Early in the afternoon, Heather and her bridesmaids popped a bottle of champagne to kick off the celebration! They hung out for a while in their matching outfits of flannels and leggings, your typical fall attire. Soon after, it was time to prep for the real celebration to start. Heather put on her gorgeous wedding gown. Next, she had a helper slip on her “something blue” shoes, as if she were Cinderella trying on the glass slipper. Luckily, the shoe fit and Heather was in fact, the special bride!

Next, Heather finished up her final touches before walking out the door to head over to the ceremony. At the entrance, there were a basket of tissues that read “For Your Happy Tears” on each bundle of tissues. What an adorable touch to a quaint wedding ceremony? The entire ceremony was elegant and simple in the beautiful chapel by the sea. 

Naturally, living in the digital age, the only thing left to do, was make it Facebook official! The couple changed their Facebook relationship status to married. This was a monumental moment for them both. Now that it is Facebook official, they can move on to take more photos on the beach and enjoy the rest of their day. The sky set so beautifully for Heather and Cory’s photos out on the dock. After dozens of photos, they finally went off to join their guests and dance the night away at their reception!

Once more, congratulations, Heather and Cory, on your adorable wedding! Our amazing photographers loved working with you guys and creating some epic Atlantis Ballroom Wedding Photos!

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