Jaclyn and Phil’s Wedding at Perona Farms

Event Date: July 5, 2018

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Congratulations to Jaclyn and Phil on their recent marriage! These to share an unbreakable bond that anyone can see.

Slipping into her wedding whites was so natural for Jaclyn. With her mother by her side to button up the back of her one of a kind dress, the morning couldn’t have went smoother. Just down the hall was Phil and his father, who were making sure to look pristine on this big day.

After putting on his final touches, Phil waited for his lovely bride-to-be in a secluded woodsy area. His smile grew ear to ear as Jaclyn’s foot steps came closer behind him. By placing her hands around his head and over his eyes she turned him around to reveal herself. Phil took Jaclyn’s hand and spun her around being sure to see every inch of her beauty. Our NJ Wedding Photographer made sure to catch every perfect moment these to shared all on camera!

This happily every was ready to take place! The couple made their way down the aisle at Perona Farms where our NJ Wedding Photographer was close by to capture every moment. Their wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd as this finally couple shared their forever promise to one another. 

As this wonderful woodsy outdoor ceremony came to a close, every guest rose from their seat cheering on the newly weds who were off to their reception.  The love these to share is brighter then the sun and everyone at this wedding could see it.

Jaclyn and Phil made their grand entered in style with our NJ Wedding DJ playing them in with the hottest hits! From their fabulous first dance to their funny photos in our NJ Social Photo Booth this night will always be remembered! 

Congratulations, again, to Jaclyn and Phil! We hope your new life together is magical!

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