Javanna and Mario’s Wedding at Mayfair Farms

Event Date: March 20, 2021

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Congratulations to Javanna and Mario on their beautiful wedding! This lovely couple tied the knot on March 20th, 2021 at Mayfair Farms. We are so glad that our top wedding photographers in North Jersey got the opportunity to photograph their wedding! 

First, the day began with bridal prep. Javanna began her morning by getting her hair and makeup done. Afterwards, it was time for Javanna to put on her dress. Her bridesmaids helped to button her into her lace, mermaid style wedding gown. How beautiful! When she was finished getting ready, Javanna headed outside to present herself to Mario for the first time, all dressed up. Mario could not keep a smile off of his face as he saw his beautiful bride for the first time! Following the first look, the couple posed for photos together. Then, their friends joined them for more photography before they headed to the reception. Thankfully, our top wedding photographers in North Jersey captured all of the couple’s special moments!

To end the night, the couple met their friends and family at their reception! Javanna and Mario began their celebrations by sharing their first dance as newlyweds. When they were finished, Mario shared a dance with his mother. How sweet! Following the mother/son dance, the ecstatic couple was joined on the dancefloor by their friends and family. After dancing, it was time for toasts. Javanna’s bridesmaids began the toasts, sharing their stories and well wishes for the couple. After the toasts, everyone gathered on the dancefloor to continue celebrating. They ended their night by cutting a slice of their cake together, and feeding each other a bite. Yummy! 

Congratulations again to Javanna and Mario! We are so glad that our top wedding photographers in North Jersey were present and able to capture their special night! 


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