Kathryn and Eric’s Wedding at the Clark’s Landing Yacht Club

Event Date: May 12, 2018

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Congratulations to Kathryn and Eric on their recent marriage. We couldn’t have been any happier to get the chance to spend the day with you.

Kathryn hung her dress on a custom made hanger with her new last name on it as she started to get ready for her big day. The bridal party was decked out in matching silk blue robes and stayed by Kathryn’s side all morning waiting to make their way to Clark’s Landing Yacht Club in Delran, NJ. When Kathryn received a lovely bouquet of flowers with a note from Eric, it only made the bridal prep more exciting.

Eric and his groomsmen all wore their favorite sports team baseball cap to take a few photos with our NJ Wedding Photographer. After some laughs and reminiscing they all pinned on their sailors knots in replace of a boutonniere. With the nice touch of anchor cuff links they were off to Eric’s big day.

After a photo shoot with our NJ Wedding Photographer capturing Kathryn, her bridal party, and loved ones, Kathryn made her way to first looks. This wasn’t just any regular first looks though, this was first looks that Kathryn would share with her two favorite little boys. When the two adorable rugrats turned to look they couldn’t contain their happiness, they ran to her with open arms and gave Kathryn the biggest hug they could.

The bridal party gracefully made their way up the aisle to line the alter and followed behind them was Eric’s son with a sign saying “Daddy here comes your bride.” As Kathryn was escorted up the aisle to meet Eric it brought tears to his eyes to see his beautiful bride for the first time. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was able to capture the couple setting sail on their voyage of love promising that in hide tide or low tide they’d be by each others side. 

Everyone made their way into the sea themed reception anchored down awaiting the grand entrance of the newlyweds. Our NJ Wedding DJ played the couples song as they shared their first dance together as husband an wife. This night was filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations, again, to the gorgeous couple. We wish you nothing but love, happiness, and journey across the seven seas.

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