Milena and Adam’s Wedding at Holly Hedge Estate

Event Date: October 25, 2019

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Congratulations to Milena and Adam on their incredible wedding day. This was the most fantastic venue ever! Taken place at Holly Hedge Estate our Best of the Knot PA Wedding Photographers did a wonderful job capturing such a perfect day. This wedding day felt so completely surreal, it was like a movie wedding! All due to the quality of service as well as the beautiful grounds at Holly Hedge. With its stonework and lush gardens, the estate provided a gorgeous backdrop to our October wedding; almost like being in the English countryside at times!

Milena prepared for her day with sparkles in her hair, a lovely white silk gown that went perfect with the theme, and such elegant jewelry. Milena topped off her dress with a lavender waist tie. Her bridesmaids were dressed in a long earl grey dress completed with fall flower headdresses and fairy wings! How cute Milena! These ladies looked like something out of a fairy tale. After taking some amazing portraits of the bride and her ladies, as well as family, she was off to seal the deal with her lovely prince charming Adam!

Our Best of the Knot PA Wedding Photographers captured the special moments as Adam awaited patiently. The bridesmaids came out with a lamp decorated in flowers that seriously went so well with the theme. At last, Adam and Milena were hand in hand at the altar and said their “I do’s”. Finally, newlyweds made their way down the rustic brick pathway as everyone watched in awe. Following after this, family and friends got together to take a group photo. 

With this venue having so many fantastic spots to take photos, the couple posed at multiple different place for portraits taken by our Best of the Knot PA Wedding Photographers. Onto the reception they went! With a well lit room, chandeliers, white table cloths, and a projected monogram saying “Milena and Adam”, family and friends were ready to celebrate. The four tiered wedding cake with orange and yellow roses had “Happily Ever After 10.25.2019” on top, a lovely touch! A gift favor of a little “Love Potion” sat for guests, a nice little touch. The guests, bride and groom, continued to dance the night away! Such a fun night Milena and Adam!

Congrats to the two of you again, we wish you the best of luck. 

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