Sarah and Bill’s Wedding at The Brownstone

Sarah and Bill’s Wedding at The Brownstone

Event Details:


Date: May 18, 2018

Names: Sarah & Bill

Venue: The Brownstone

Congratulations to Sarah and Bill on their recent marriage. This wedding was one for the books!

As Bill and his closest friends clinked personalized copper mugs, the lovely ladies were right down the hall in matching pink sweat jackets and black leggings being pampered before the big day. Bill’s police badge and the rings were kept close together in a brief case labeled with “Ring Security.” Sarah pulled her blue lined guarder belt on and she was ready for first looks.

As Bill heard Sarah creep up behind him, our NJ Wedding Photographer was able to catch his priceless face. After Sarah tapped Bill on the shoulder, his face lit up the entire room and he gave his stunning bride a kiss. 

Blush pink and Navy lined the alter in the Grand Conservatory of the The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ. Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured the colorful garden that was a picture perfect backdrop for when the couple said “I do.”

As family and friends made their way into the reception, they stopped at a wooden Monogram sign that was made for everyone to write there best wishes on. The bird cage card holder was a nice touch in this elegant reception. As Sarah and Bill shared dances with not only each other, but their parents the room filled with tears of joy. Everyone enjoyed their time becoming one big happy family and capturing many memories in our NJ Social Photo Booth.

Congratulations, again, to Sarah and Bill and together you will take on the world!