Siobhan and Peter’s Wedding at Crystal Point Yacht Club

Event Date: August 10, 2019

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Congratulations to Siobhan and Peter on their perfect wedding held at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ! The memories from their special day will be remembered forever with their Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Photos!

Siobhan began her day surrounded by her gorgeous bridesmaids in their matching floral robes. Then, Siobhan slipped on her stunning strapless lace gown. Meanwhile, Peter was putting on his dashing tan suit alongside his groomsmen. Now, they were both ready to meet at the docks for their first look. Siobhan tapped Peter on the shoulder, then he turned around and gazed in amazement at his bride before embracing and spinning her. Our Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Photos capture this priceless moment between the two! 

Next, it was time for Siobhan and Peter’s outdoor ceremony! Following the beautiful bridesmaids wearing light pink dresses, were a dashing ring bearer and adorable flower girls. Finally, all eyes were on Siobhan as she made her way down the aisle! Peter’s eyes filled with tears as he saw his breathtaking bride! After saying their “I Do’s”, they finally shared their first kiss as husband and wife! Our amazing Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Photos captured every moment of the incredible ceremony with the picturesque blue skies!

Then, it was time for the celebrations to begin! The Crystal Point Yacht Club’s ballroom looked out over the water for a breathtaking view all night! Family and friends gathered around the couple as they embraced each other for their first dance! The night was filled with lots of dancing and happiness to celebrate Siobhan and Peter!

Once again, congratulations to Siobhan and Peter on their unforgettable wedding! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day!

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